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The Israel Test
by George Gilder

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Books of the Month

The Israel Test
by George Gilder
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Israel is the crucial battlefield for Capitalism and Freedom in our time.

George Gilder's global best-seller Wealth and Poverty made the moral case for capitalism. Now Gilder makes the case for Israel, portraying a conflict of barbarism and envy against civilization and creativity.

Gilder reveals Israel as a leader of human civilization, technological progress, and scientific advance. Tiny Israel stands behind only the United States in its contributions to the hi-tech economy. Israel has become the world's paramount example of the blessings of freedom.

Hatred of Israel, like anti-Semitism through history, arises from resentment of Jewish success. Rooted in a Marxist zero-sum-game theory of economics, this vision has fueled the anti-Semitic rantings of Hitler, Arafat, Osama, and history's other notorious haters.

Faced with a contest between murderous regimes sustained by envy and Nazi ideology, and a free, prosperous, and capitalist, Israel—whose side are you on?

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Books By George Gilder

The Silicon Eye: Microchip Swashbucklers and the Future
of High-Tech Innovation
by George Gilder
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A best-selling author goes behind the scenes at a cutting-edge technology company poised to change the way computers see. Thanks to the digital technology revolution, cameras are everywhere-PDAs, phones, anywhere you can put an imaging chip and a lens. Battling to usurp this two-billion-dollar market is a Silicon Valley company, Foveon, whose technology not only produces a superior image but also may become the eye in artificially intelligent machines. Behind Foveon are two legendary figures who made the personal computer possible: Carver Mead of Caltech, one of the founding fathers of information technology, and Federico Faggin, inventor of the CPU-the chip that runs every computer.

George Gilder has covered the wizards of high tech for twenty-five years and has an insider's knowledge of Silicon Valley and the unpredictable mix of genius, drive, and luck that can turn a startup into a Fortune 500 company. The Silicon Eye is a rollicking narrative of some of the smartest-and most colorful-people on earth and their race to transform an entire industry. 12 illustrations.

"A compelling narrative that reads like a brilliant detective story with deep insights into the concept of designing our technology." — Ray Kurzweil, artificial-intelligence innovator and author of The Age of Intelligent Machines

Telecosm: The World After Bandwidth Abundance
By George Gilder
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The supreme abundance of the telecosm is the electromagnetic spectrum, embracing all the universe of vibrating electrical and magnetic fields, from power line pulses through light beams to cosmic rays. The scarcity that unlocks this abundance is the supreme scarcity in physical science: the absolute minimum time it takes to form an electromagnetic wave of a particular length. Set by the permeability of free space, this minimal span determines the speed of light.

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Taking the reader inside the tiniest computer chips as well as the greatest minds of Silicon Valley, George Gilder explores the unrecognized technological and entrepreneurial revolution we are now experiencing, one which is creating unprecedented opportunities for business and technology. Microcosm contains vivid accounts of the latest inventions and revealing portraits of the leading scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs at the frontiers of knowledge.

Published by Simon & Schuster in 1989.


Wealth and Poverty
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Wealth and Poverty is a phenomenon— a bestseller that is also one of the most important books of its kind for decades. In his bold and brilliant work George Gilder —already widely known for the originality of his mind and the verve of his prose ó provides a fresh and illuminating study of what is perhaps the most critical problem of contemporary society: how to increase wealth and curtail poverty.

First published by Basic Books in 1981.
Current edition by ICS Press.

Life After Television
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Television has long been identified as a dead hand on culture; but as George Gilder so brilliantly reveals here, this centralized, authoritarian institution is also a dying technology whose grip on our imaginative and economic life threatens to impede America's competitiveness in the next century. Gilder's optimistic message is that the U.S. has only to unleash its industrial resources to command the "telefuture," in which new technology will overthrow the stultifying influence of mass media, renew the power of individuals, and promote democracy throughout the world.

First published in 1990 by Whittle Books. Currently published by W.W. Norton & Co.


Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise
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Entrepreneurship, to George Gilder, is more than an economic activity. It is a way of life. The same spirit of enterprise—the impulse to freedom and self-governance—that animates people to originate bold new products and services, to devote the fruits of their talents, energies, and acumen to improving the material well-being of their fellows, also guides their engagement in the other workings of society. Among the images that fill this book, perhaps none is more inspiring than the group portrait of the Cuban immigrants in Miami, who in barely thirty years have created one of America's showplaces—an economically innovative, civically vibrant community in their new homeland. It is in the hope of stimulating citizens across America to awaken their own spirit of enterprise that we proudly publish this book.

Robert B. Hawkins, Jr., President
Institute for Contemporary Studies
First published by Simon & Schuster in 1984. Revised edition published in 1992 by ICS Press as Recapturing The Spirit of Enterprise.

Visible Man
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A forthright, unvarnished portrait of life and struggle for young African-American men in the inner city. Decrying the lack of vision in welfare reform, George Gilder asserts that whatever the problems of young African-American men today, invisibity is no longer among them.
First published in 1978 by Basic Books.
Currently published by ICS Press.


The Meaning of the Microcosm
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"In The Meaning of the Microcosm, George Gilder introduces us to some of the inventors and their innovations that are building America's future in the Digital Age. Gilder brings to life in an easy to understand way often complex technologies. He explains what is driving the fundamental change in the way we live and the way we work."

—Steve Forbes

Published in 1997 by The Progress and Freedom Foundation.

Speaking of George Gilder
Edited by Frank Gregorsky
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Finally, a Gilder book for those of us who want to get right to the point!

From tapes, transcripts, and corporate conclaves, you get the SPOKEN wit and wisdom of George Gilder—on money and morals, technology and telecom. It's all here, and it's easy to use.
A little over a third of Speaking of George Gilder consists of speeches and a previously unreleased 12,000-word interview. The rest is quotes—mainly short ones—organized "topically."
And this is NOT a rework of George's books and magazine articles. Even George's most loyal readers will not have seen most of what's in this book.

That's because the contents of Speaking consist overwhelmingly of his SPOKEN words—from magazine interviews, radio and TV appearances, and remarks to corporate and academic groups.
Speaking is comprehensive yet concise, deep while still digestible. It is the ONLY way you can sample ALL of George Gilder's ideas and recommendations—simply and easily.


Men and Marriage
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A chilling indictment on the state of the American family, and the recent drive to deny the fundamental differences between the sexes, Men and Marriage is "an outstandingly important and well-argued book, strangely moving in its combination of scholarly dilligence, common sense, courage, and devotion to the res publica of human civilization."

—National Review

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