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The China Phenomenon
The most lucrative market for technology in the world right now is China. The population is 1.3 billion people (4 times as large as the U.S.). And the economy has grown at 10.9% a year since 1979.

The Analog Chip Revolution
Analog chips are high-speed integrated circuits used in analog (non-computer) devices like cameras, radios, cars, and television sets.

Broadband Rides Again
High rates of taxation and regulatory strangleholds have put a damper on broadband in the U.S., ultimately leading to the downfall of once promising broadband upstarts like Qwest and Global Crossing. But broadband is alive and thriving in Korea, a booming market of 48 million.

EZ Profits With EZchip
A specialized chip for network processing, the EZchip integrates the processor and multiple DRAM (dynamic random access memory) units onto a single chip, to dramatically reduce storage costs and improve performance.


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